Programs and activities of GENIUS Charity Foundation

The search for and support of young people with high abilities, outstanding knowledge and skills, capable of superlative performance, permanent support to help them unfold their talents and professional assistance to young researchers are functions that are absolutely necessary for the economic development of Transcarpathia.

These activities have become crucial for the competitiveness of a given region, and the various institutions/agencies of education and talent support play a prominent part in that. This was the reason why Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute and the Association of Transcarpathian Hungarian Teachers established GENIUS Charity Foundation in 2011 to carry out extensive talent identification, nurturing and development programmes under the sign of equal opportunities in the populations of Hungarian-speaking schoolchildren, university and college students and young researchers.

The goals of the Foundation are the following:

  • to create an integrated system of talent support programmes,
  • to ensure equal access to talent support,
  • to increase the sense of social responsibility of the talented youth,
  • to appreciate the work of entities and individuals supporting the talented youth,
  • to offer more opportunities for talented pupils, students and researchers to extend their knowledge and skills beyond the academic training material,
  • to unite teachers committed to the talented youth and encourage them to join forces and work together.


Programs and activities of GENIUS Charity Foundation

2018. június 20. szerda 11:53
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